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Moroccan Berber Kilims

Moroccan Berber Kilims are hand woven by the Beni Ourain people of the Atlas Mountains. A Berber Kilim is a handmade tribal rug with a luxurious, dense texture and they range from many different designs and colours. Middle Eastern culture profoundly influences these designs. While these gorgeous textile pieces are graced with traditional design, they are an excellent addition to a modern or contemporary living space.

One of the most traditional uses for Berber Kilims is for display at a wedding. Kilims were woven days before the wedding in a traditional setting and then worn as a shawl on the day by the lady folk, proudly displaying the beautiful colours and designs of their tribe.

In conclusion, the Moroccan Berber Kilim is a great addition to any indoor design you may be interested in having a mix of culture or history. The best course of action if this type of rug interests you is to venture online and do some research to see what best fits your needs. This traditional piece is the perfect addition to a modern or contemporary home, adding culture and history wherever you decide to place it. One of these Kilims is sure to be the best focal point you could ask for in your office, in your living room, or even underneath your dining room table. Search for the perfect addition to your living space today.
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