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Boucherouite Rug Collection

If vintage is more your style, then a rug from our Boucherouite collection is a must. Created from vintage recycled fabric, wool and textiles woven together using natural dyes, Boucherouite rugs add an explosion of vibrant colours to your home.

Woven free-style by Berber women, without following any kind of pattern, Boucherouite rugs contain decorative symbols and motifs that adhere to centuries of Berber history and tradition, reflecting life, nature and the universe.

Whether your interior space embodies wood, marble, concrete or carpeted flooring, a unique, vibrant rug from our extensive Boucherouite collection would complement your space perfectly, bringing it to life.

We encourage you to indulge your artistic side and begin your search for the perfect vibrant, vintage Boucherouite rug from our exquisite collection.

You can read more on Boucherouite rugs here.

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Boucherouite Rugs

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Authentic Moroccan Berber rugs. All our rugs are hand-made in Morocco using traditional methods that have been in practice for centuries.
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