Preserving The Life of Your Moroccan Rug

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The importance of a rug pad

Buying a Moroccan rug is an investment. Although they are more expensive than your mass produced, run of the mill rugs, Moroccan rugs are made to last. It goes without saying that if you are making such an investment, you will want to prolong the longevity of your rug, therefore don’t forget a suitable rug pad!

Rug pads are relatively easy to find and very affordable. If in doubt, you will find an array of products online. Pads form a protective layer placed underneath your rug, prolonging the lifespan while acting as a safety device. Rug pads prevent slippage, especially if you are placing it on tiled or wooden floors. They also serve as a cushion between your rug and the floor, preventing the intricate fibres from rubbing against the hard surface and therefore making it less likely for wear and tear to occur, especially in an area of high traffic.

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Rotating your rug

To prevent uneven wear and tear, particularly in areas of high traffic, we urge you to rotate your rug every six months. This will ensure that your rug is receiving a more even spread of footfall overall and prevents discolouration or uneven wear and tear.

What if I decide to relocate my rug and it has indents on it from furniture legs?

Simple lay the rug flat and place ice cubes on any indented areas. Allow the rug to settle for a few days and watch the indents disappear!

Vacuuming your rug

Lady Vacuuming A Beni Ourain Rug

I’m sure that vacuuming your rug at least once a week is already on your cleaning schedule. However, have you ever considered how much dust, dirt and debris accumulates underneath it?

To prolong longevity, we recommend regular vacuuming, and that includes turning your rug over every few months and vacuuming the reverse side. This will help to prevent any debris from in-bedding itself within the fibres of your beautiful Berber rug.

Help! There’s been a spillage

Red Wine Spilage On Moroccan Wool Rug

Don’t panic. We’ve all had that clumsy guest or overexcited child who manages to spill the entire contents of their drink all over our handcrafted Moroccan rug! To deal with a liquid spillage, simply blot up the liquid or other soil as quickly as possible using a white towel, white cloth, or kitchen roll. Blot from the outer most point towards the centre of the stain. Try to ensure that the spillage does not sink deep into the wool rug fibres and do not try to rub. Rubbing could cause damage to the fibres, breaking them down. Please also note that depending upon the type of dyes used in your rug fibres, there may be a slight colour bleed. 

Deep Cleaning

Azilal Rug Deep Cleaning
We all like to give our house a thorough Spring clean, and that includes deep cleaning the carpets and flooring. We recommend that if hiring a professional rug cleaner, you seek advice from the manufacturer about whether it is safe to use on a hand-woven rug. Ideally, you need to ensure you source a reputable cleaner with expertise in Moroccan Berber rugs. This is to prevent harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning from damaging the fibres and dyes used within the rug.

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