How to dress in Morocco as a woman

Lady Wearing A Traditional Moroccan Red Dress

So, you’ve booked that dream holiday to Morocco and can already feel the warmth of the sun as you imagine lazily lying by the pool; wandering the markets of Marrakesh and sampling the sumptuous local cuisine. However, when it comes to packing that oversized suitcase, you’ve purchased especially for the trip, panic sets in! What is the dress code in Morocco?

Look no further! In this guide, we will inform you of precisely how to dress as a female tourist in Morocco, going over what clothing you will need for the trip of a lifetime!

Modesty is Key

As a woman in a Muslim country, it is customary to respect local dress codes and traditions. Therefore, as a rule, thighs, shoulders and midriffs should be covered. In Moroccan culture, these body parts are considered as private and should only be seen by husbands.

Furthermore, ensure you pack long skirts and loose cotton trousers amongst your luggage, as well as tops that are long enough to cover your midriff area. Don’t panic! You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe just yet. We recommend that you take a few pashminas that can easily be worn over strappy dresses or tops to cover the shoulders. However, one thing you might want to invest in is a long, flowing, cool kaftan which is perfect to wear in the Moroccan heat.

Lady Wearing A Moroccan Sun Hat

Evening Lady Wear

As a rule, keep material lightweight because temperatures in Morocco can soar to a whopping 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll be glad to know that you can leave those woolly jumpers as home! During the evenings, the temperature does drop, so it is useful to pack a lightweight blazer or a cashmere wrap to cover your shoulders.

At the beach or by the pool

If you’re somewhat of a sun-worshipper and enjoy returning from your holiday with a golden tan, much to the envy of your nearest and dearest, don’t despair. Swimwear including bikinis is allowed at the beach or around your hotel pool. Just ensure you pack enough sun cream to combat those powerful Moroccan rays.

Traditional Moroccan shoes and Clothing

Traditional Moroccan Shoes
Traditional Moroccan clothing has been heavily influenced by the rich, vibrant and diverse cultural heritage of Morocco. Typically, it does not take its influence from modern Western fashions. Instead, it relies upon generations of traditional Berber style. Long flowing kaftans or robes (known as Djellaba), headscarves and traditional leather slippers are staples of the Berber wardrobe. When living in a country as hot as Morocco, comfort is key! However, if it is a special occasion such as a wedding or a party, special robes or Takshitas are worn, created from luxurious fabrics encrusted with jewels and sequins. The result is just stunning.
Lady Wearing Qandrissi Trousers
If trousers are more your thing, tradition has that covered also. Qandrissi trousers, as they are known, (or Aladdin or harem pants in the western world), lose, baggy, cotton trousers with a crotch down to the knee and long deep pockets. At the ankle, the trousers are tapered for style and safety alike. These trousers can be purchased quite cheaply across Morocco and come in an array of colours and designs.

A Final Word

Now that you know how to dress in Morocco as a woman and what to pack, we only have one question…. when are you going to book your ticket to explore the wonders of Morocco?!

Be inspired!
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