Let Us Talk About Rug Sizing

Selecting the size of your rug is no easy task. Obviously, it depends on room dimensions, however, the colour, design, shape and structure of your rug, also greatly influence the mood and ambience of your interior space.

Textile Measuring Tape

Selecting Size

When considering the dimensions of your rug, it’s extremely important to consider the function and size of your chosen space, as well as the positioning of any furniture present within the space.

Selecting an adequately sized rug is essential to avoid either: swamping a small room with an oversized rug or by purchasing a small rug that is lost within a large interior space, creating a poor visual impact. If a rug features very bright colouring or bold designs, it is even more crucial to consider sizing as the rug will be more accentuated that a plain, block-coloured rug.

Our Top Tips

Firstly, it is essential to MEASURE your space! Obvious to some but not to others! It is surprising how many people decide to invest in a rug and rely on visual sizing rather than specific measurements. This method should be avoided at all costs to minimize disappointment and extra cost.
Variety Of Rug Textures
Note Pad & Pencil For Creative Planning

We advise you to select the area you wish to place your rug and arrange your furniture accordingly. Secondly, make sure you have invested in a decent tape measure and a willing pair of helping hands. As you will discover, it is much easier to measure a space in pairs. Thirdly, you need to make a note of your specific measurements. Following these steps will ensure that you select the optimum size first time.

Should you wish to gain a clearer perspective of your chosen size, it is useful to mark out the area with tape or newspaper to enable you to visualize the space your rug will encompass.

Living Rooms Rugs

Living Room With Beige Berber Rug

The living room is a place of tranquillity and relaxation. A room in which you kick off your shoes after a hard day at work and look forward to feeling the softness of a plush rug underneath your feet. We will show you exactly how to find the right sized rug for this space.

As you know, rugs come in all shapes and sizes. The best thing to do is consider the layout of your living room and decide if you want the rug to be a central, decorative piece or whether you would prefer it to encompass your furniture.

  • Large Living rooms: for those spacious living rooms with large sofas, it is more aesthetically pleasing to place the sofas on top of the rug. A larger rug will make more of an impact in a larger living area.
  • Smaller sized living rooms: A small room would be swamped by a large rug, causing it to look even smaller. It is therefore advisable to select a smaller rug placed in the centre of the room in front of the sofa. This will create the illusion of more space.

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Dining Rooms Rugs

The dining room is often the heart of the family home, perhaps one of the only places in which the whole family comes together, nourishing the body and soul. Often, it is a room reserved for celebration and entertainment, and therefore, the right sized rug is essential.

Dinning Room With Large Berber Rug

When considering rug size for the dining room, you need to take into consideration the size of your dining room table. Ideally, your rug should be slightly larger than the dining table, including the chairs around it. This will, therefore, frame your table, offsetting the look of your dining space, defining sleek, straight lines.

  • Large dining table: if your dining table seats eight, your rug should be at least 240 x 340 cm to comfortably frame the table and eight chairs.
  • Average sized dining table: if your dining table seats six, ideally, your rug should be 200 x 290 cm to encompass the whole dining set.
  • Small dining table: if your dining table seats four, the optimum measurement for your rug is 160 x 240 cm.

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Bedroom Rugs

Imagine waking up, swinging your feet out of bed and feeling a soft, plush rug between your toes! Sounds appealing right? When considering the dimensions of a bedroom rug, again you need to consider room size and furniture measurements.

  • Large bedrooms: If space is on your side, we would advise selecting a rug big enough for your bed and bedside tables to sit upon comfortably.
  • Smaller bedrooms: If your bedroom is an average size, selecting a smaller rug that is placed to the side of your bed or the front of your bed, will completely open up your room, creating a sense of space.
Bedroom With Vintage Azilal Rug

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A Final Word

Selecting the correct sizing when purchasing your rug, can completely transform your interior living space. It can create the illusion of space, while also creating a cosy but stylish ambience whether it be in the living, dining or bedroom.

We trust that you have found our size guide useful and urge you to Contact Us if you need a helping hand.

Finally, remember, correct sizing & choice of size does count!

Be inspired!
Your Creative Journey design team x