Making an Entrance: Creating the Ultimate Hallway

The humble hallway, portal to the heart of the home, is often overlooked. We exhaust all our creative energies in designing the perfect living room, the streamlined kitchen and the decadent dining room, but how much thought do we really give to the hallway?
Bright Hallway Entrance With Rug On Floor

First Impressions

Your hallway is the chance to provide your guests with a brief glimpse into your unique interior style, your first chance to create a lasting impression. The only draw backs of a typical hallway can be the lack of light and space; often windowless, natural lighting may be limited. Furthermore, hallways can often be long and narrow, restricting your creativity within this area of the home.

Designing Your Hallway

Boucherouite Rug Colourful Patterns
Azilal Rug Colourful Patterns
Various Coloured Berber Rug Runners

One of the simplest ways to create instant impact within the hallway, is with an eye catching Moroccan rug. If your flooring needs a revamp and you aren’t afraid of bright colours, why not try our Boucherouite rugs collection.

The interwoven rainbow colours, create a welcome contrast to your flooring, acting as the ultimate statement piece. Designed from sumptuous, vintage recycled fabric, using natural dyes, this Boucherouite rug was crafted by hand, blending an array of fabrics and colours together. Magnificent and opulent, it will compliment your interior space perfectly, bringing it to life.

Stuck for space? Try one of our long, narrow, Berber runner rugs, typically suited to the hallway:

The style of this Beni Ourain Runner rug is long and lean, creating the impression of length and space, providing an inviting walkway to the heart of your home.

If colour is not your thing, don’t despair, a soft, neutral, elegant hallway is just as effective. Soft tones are perfect for a small area giving the illusion of space and light, especially if the walls and floors are decorated in the same colour. A rug from our Beni Ourain rugs collection, using neutral tones with a black geometric design, would be perfect for that classic contemporary look:

Beni Ourain Traditional Hall Runner Rug

Frequent Footfall

Worried about the frequent footfall of all those potential guests who flock to visit your newly decorated hallway?! Fear not. Our Moroccan Berber Rugs are made to last. Renowned for their durability, Berber rugs are passed down from generation to generation, lasting many decades with the right care. Simply follow our cleaning guide for our top tips on extending the longevity of your rug.

Accessorising Your Wall

To compliment your plush Berber rug, why not create a feature wall within your hallway by placing a decorative mirror on one of the walls? Practical and stylish, a mirror will not only add light, but will also create the illusion of space within your home. Alternatively, you could create a feature wall of family photographs, providing your guests with a glimpse into your fond, family memories, generating an instant warm welcome.
Hallway With Featured Wall & Natural Light

Final Touches

If space allows, you may also want to add shoe or coat storage, and a sideboard unit for the ultimate, organised family hallway. Whatever your creative flair, we hope our design team here at Creative Journey, has inspired you to see your hallway as an important extension of your living area, after all, first impressions really do count!

Be inspired!
Your Creative Journey design team x