A Touch of Moroccan Charm

Desperate to bring the marvels of Morocco into your own home? Look no further! Here at Creative Journey, we bring you our complete guide on how to recreate the colour, vibrancy and charm of Moroccan life into every room within your own home.
Marrakech Street Markets

Journey to Marrakech

Moroccan Food Spices
Moroccan Paper Lanterns
Moroccan Handmade Trinkets

Visualise the busy, bustling, brightly coloured marketplace of Marrakech, filled with intricate tapestries, an array of succulent fruits and the aroma of exotic spices. It’s sensory overload at its best but is all part of the Moroccan experience.

Next, we journey to the famous Souk, filled with carefully crafted rugs in all shapes, colours and sizes. The intricate artwork reveals traditional Moroccan tales told around the campfire of centuries old. It is a culture steeped in tradition. It is a culture steeped in luxurious but natural materials.

Venturing further into the Marketplace of Marrakech, you will discover an abundance of stalls selling lamps and lanterns of every variety. Lighting is essential in Moroccan homes, helping to create a relaxing ambience. Glass, wood and metal are all used in the creation of beautiful, tranquil lighting with wonderfully scented candles adding to the atmosphere in traditional lanterns.

Introducing These Moroccan Elements to Your Home

Prestigious Traditional Moroccan Family Dining Room

Picking a Pattern

Patterns and abstract geometric design are a large part of Moroccan interior décor especially when it comes to Berber rugs. Due to the warm climate, Moroccan interiors are usually constructed using ceramic tiles or wooden flooring. Vibrantly crafted rugs would then be placed throughout the home for decorative purposes. Therefore, when creating a Moroccan themed interior, we advise you to select your rug first so that you can design your room around the colour and pattern of your rug. As it is likely to be the most substantial Moroccan accessory in your home, it makes sense to create your theme around it. If your rug features a pattern of varied colour, you may want to highlight tones by adding home accessories in that colour. Selecting your rug first eliminates the potential of clashing patterns and colours.
Colourful Stripped Beni Ourain Rug Design
Furthermore, if your home features a neutral colour scheme, you may want to bring it to life with a brightly coloured rug, taking inspiration from the brightly coloured marketplace of Marrakech. Similarly, if your home is already very brightly coloured, you may want to tone it down with a neutral rug from our Beni Ourain collection.


Moroccan interiors typically reflect Its rich culture and emphasise history and tradition. Natural materials such as intricately carved wood, leather pieces, mosaic tiles and colourful fabrics are all essential elements within Moroccan homes and can be easily introduced into any contemporary interior.

Think about adding wooden coffee tables to your living room or wooden surfaces to your kitchen units. When adding a touch of Moroccan, be as rustic as possible. Are you daring enough to expose a real brick wall coupled with wooden floors and metal framed mirrors? If not, just add a splash of vibrant colour and design to the floor with an authentic Berber rug from our Azilal collection.

Room dividers are extremely popular in Moroccan interiors and lend themselves well to modern open plan living spaces. Room dividers can separate your open plan space into specific areas such as an area for dining; an area dedicated to the children’s toys and a cosy relaxation area for the evening. Traditionally, Moroccan room dividers are made of carved, ornate wood; adding an element of opulence to any room.

Traditional Moroccan Wood Dressing Screen


Traditional Moroccan Seating With Tassle Cushions
Typical Moroccan seating is very low down, close to the floor. Rooms are often filled with leather pouffes or large brightly coloured cushions to sit on. This creates a relaxed, informal look to your interior space, allowing for relaxation. If you aren’t keen on ditching your sofas just yet, you can always opt for sofas with low seating or a chaise longue which is perfect for keeping in with the opulent but relaxed Moroccan lifestyle.

Moroccan Lighting

Moroccan Glass Lanterns

Lighting is essential within Moroccan living spaces to ensure an ambience of tranquillity. Lanterns constructed of metal, brass, steel or copper are featured throughout each room; filled with scented candles, adding to the relaxing atmosphere.

Moroccan lanterns use either clear or coloured glass, depending on the look you are trying to create. For a brighter space, clear glass lanterns are most effective. If you are attempting to go for subtle low lighting, a coloured glass lantern will absorb some of the bright light, creating a subtler look.

A Final Word

So, what are you waiting for? Now you know exactly how to bring a touch of Morocco into your own home, nothing is stopping you! Just remember to aim for natural materials and bright colours, and you can’t go wrong! We would love to see your transformations. Please share them with us at https://www.cjmoroccanberberrugs.co.uk/contact-us

Be inspired!
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