Berber Rug Decor

This category relates to general home styling, decoration and trends all centred around the use of Berber rugs as the central showpiece.

Moroccan Rugs Not Just For The Floor!

Have you ever considered that your exquisite, hand-woven, Berber rug is too beautiful for the floor? Described as eclectic, colourful masterpieces, Berber rugs, often displayed in galleries, are more like intricate works of art, so why not treat them that way? Traditional Nomads of the Berber tribe once displayed their wonderful creations by displaying them …

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Let Us Talk About Rug Sizing

Selecting the size of your rug is no easy task. Obviously, it depends on room dimensions, however, the colour, design, shape and structure of your rug, also greatly influence the mood and ambience of your interior space. Selecting Size When considering the dimensions of your rug, it’s extremely important to consider the function and size …

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