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Made To Measure Beni Ourain Rugs

Are you having trouble finding the correct sized rug that matches your available floor space or room shape?
Why not have a custom size made just for you?

Using our made to measure service allows you to specify;

  • Rug length and width
  • Rug design/pattern
  • Tassels at one end only. Tassels at both ends, or no tassels at all.

Product & Service Details
The lead time for Made To Measure rugs is 6 weeks. We appreciate that it is quite a wait but each rug is handmade in Morocco in a traditional way, and it simply takes time. The quality and softness of the rugs are astounding.

Payment Details
Due to the 6 week lead time when ordering Made To Measure we ask for half payment when your order is placed with the balance due pre-dispatch.

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