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Azilal Rug Collection

Described as eclectic colourful masterpieces, Azilal rugs, often displayed in galleries, are more like intricate works of art. Traditionally woven by female tribal members and given as wedding gifts, each rug is made from 100% pure wool, each telling its own unique Berber story, through a design of natural symbolism.

Breathtakingly beautiful, Azilal rugs are the perfect statement piece for your home and the ultimate talking point, inciting conversations of traditional Moroccan tales, passed on from generation to generation. With each rug being individually handcrafted, you can rest assured that you have an authentic, original work of art adorning your interior space.

We envisage the only problem you will encounter is deciding upon which masterpieces to proudly display in your home!

You can read more on Azilal rugs here.

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