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Berber Rugs

Jasper Beni Ourain Hero Image V01
Jasper Beni Ourain Hero Image V01

Centuries Of Tradition In Every Berber Rug

Custom Berber Rug Design 01


All our Moroccan rugs are handwoven using traditional methods that have been in practice for centuries.

High Quality

All materials that go into each Berber rug are hand selected. Each rug takes weeks to make by a skilled Artisan.
Custom Berber Rug Design 01
Custom Berber Rug Design 01


Made from 100% sheep wool our Berber rugs have a thick heavy pile making them incredibly soft and luxurious under foot.


All wool is locally sourced and free of bleaching agents.
Traditional dyes are sourced from vegetation, minerals and shells.
Custom Berber Rug Design 01

The History Behind Each Style of Berber Rug

Beni Ourain Rugs

Our Beni Ourain range provides a more neutral, subtle style to your interior space if a contemporary, minimalist look is more appealing. Beni Ourain rugs are the most renowned Moroccan Berber rugs, often featuring the typical monochrome, diamond pattern. Each handwoven rug, created by one of the 17 Moroccan Berber tribes high in the Atlas Mountains, is made from 100% wool, guaranteeing a plush, luxurious pile.

Traditional Beni Ourain tribal patterns can be traced back hundreds of years, some as far back as the Palaeolithic era, yet the geometric, abstract designs have the ability to lend themselves to contemporary households, lying upon a stone or rustic wooden flooring as originally intended.

Berber Tribes were typically nomadic and primarily worked as shepherds who raised their livestock in the Atlas Mountains, with fresh, natural grass and unpolluted air, allowing the sheep to produce extremely fine wool, adding to the high quality seen throughout the Beni Ourain range.

Whilst some of the Berber Tribes traditionally use monochrome colouring with their rugs, others utilizing natural dyes to feature more colourful designs, allowing Beni Ourain designs to suit an array of tastes and interior spaces.

Azilal Rugs

Looking to bring the colour and vibrancy of Moroccan life into your home? Our Azilal range is perfect for you! Created in the province of Azilal, high in the Atlas Mountain region of Morocco, these eclectic rugs are part of a great Moroccan mystery. Nobody knows how long they have existed, and nobody knows who originally designed and created them. First emerging in the late 1990s, these secret masterpieces were largely sought after by art collectors and interior designers, creating a great deal of attention throughout the Moroccan rug world.

Made from 100% wool, Azilal Berber rugs traditionally feature black or brown geometric designs on a white backdrop. Today they are expertly handwoven by Berber women using a single knot weaving technique. Contemporary Azilal rugs also feature an explosion of colour using natural dyes including henna, almond leaves and natural iron sulphate.

Described as unique works of art, Azilal Berber rugs feature natural symbolic imagery, telling traditional tales of life through the eyes of Berber women. The intricate weaving technique is a skill which Berber mothers pass onto young Berber girls, keeping the traditional Moroccan rug culture alive- generation after generation.

Boucherouite Rugs

Boucherouite or Moroccon rag rugs are traditionally created from vintage recycled textiles in an array of colours, woven together to create eclectic, unique patterns. Combining style with recycled materials ensures the Boucherouite collection is eco-friendly guaranteeing a guilt-free purchase!

The recent trend for Boucherouite rag rugs has seen mass-produced Western versions popping up across the internet, however purchasing an authentic Boucherouite rug will ensure that you have a truly unique piece of Moroccan art in your own home.

Often featuring a checkerboard or diamond patterned backdrop, Boucherouite rugs are interwoven with a variety of textures featuring decorative symbols and motifs that adhere to centuries of Berber history and tradition, reflecting life, nature and the universe.

Originally woven for domestic use, Boucherouite rugs are extremely durable and hardwearing; often passed down from one generation to the next, ensuring ultimate value for money due to their longevity.

When planning your interior space, colourful, vibrant Boucherouite rugs are ideally showcased against a neutral backdrop, bringing warmth, light and a focal point to any room.

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Authentic Moroccan Berber rugs. All our rugs are hand-made in Morocco using traditional methods that have been in practice for centuries.
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