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We import Beni Ourain carpets and Berber rugs from Morocco.
Authentic designs from traditional Berber weavers. Gorgeous rugs you will treasure to have in your home.

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Beni Ourain Rugs

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Tribal Berber Rugs

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Moroccan Berber Kilims

Moroccan Rug Guide

Our aim with this guide is to help our visitors understand the suttle differences between the rugs of Morocco. We hope this information will help you feel more confident and happy to choose a rug for your home or office space.

Moroccan rugs are known the world over for their luxurious quality and beauty. They are exceptional rugs and can transform how a room looks and feels. The many different styles are often referred to simply as 'Moroccan Rugs', however each style has different origan and story to tell.

Beni Ourain Rugs

Beni Ourain rugs take the name of the tribal people from the Rif Mountains that weave these beautiful rugs. Recognised for their thick shaggy pile, zig-zag and criss-cross patterns, and real cream and light brown colour. Originally, they were made by the Beni Ourain tribespeople to wrap around themselves to keep warm in the harsh winter temperatures. They are the most famous of the Moroccan rugs purchased across Europe.

Tribal Berber Rugs

The tribal communities in Morocco have been mostly replaced by now rural communities, but traditions are still kept and passed from generation to generation. There were once as many as 45 different tribes that lived in the mountains and desert planes of Morocco.
Each tribe wove rugs with distinctive colours and designs unique to that tribe. No two tribes’ rugs are the same. Similar to Beni Ourain rugs with their thick pile and luxurious feel but incorporating bright colours, vibrant designs with tribal symbols and shapes. These Berber Rugs have become stylish pieces for home decoration the world over.

Moroccan Berber Kilims

Produced by tribes / communities in the Atlas mountain region of morocco, these rugs are known for their lattice and horizontal strip designs, showing on both sides of the rug. They are made of lighter pile, leaving them more blanket like. Traditionally both Berber women and men used Kilims as shawls, blankets and floor coverings. Each tribe wove with their own designs, colours and markings, unique to that tribe. Berber Kilims have become very popular and stylish for decorating furniture & beds as well as floor coverings.

About Us

We import Moroccan carpets and Berber rugs from craftsmen of remote communities in Morocco. Authentic Beni Ourain rugs woven with traditional Berber symbols.